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About Company
For centuries Russian North East has attracted travelers, explorers and nature lovers. Now this unique region is open for foreigners and you have opportunity to visit us.

The Magadan region is one of the biggest and thinly populated territories of Russia. Here the severe North has united majestic chains of mountains covered with snow even in summer and high forests in the river valleys, sea coasts muffled by mist and mysterious islands, populated with hundreds of bird species and rivers with clear water. Here one can see seaside tundras the southernmost in the northern hemisphere, alpine meadows and mysterious remnants of relic steppes.

The wildlife of the North is rich and varied. This striking world, populated with mighty moose, communicative brown bears, quick chipmunks and careful snow sheep will be opened up for the careful observer. Our region is a real paradise for birdwatchers because this is the place where one can see in such a number the secretive black-billed capercaizie and the graceful Steller's sea eagle.

They couldn't have been met somewhere except Pacific seacoast of Russia . Even the most experienced fishermen will not be indifferent to our clear mountainous rivers abounding in fish, and people who love travelling and adventures will remember rafting down impetuous mountain rivers and gates for the rest of their lives.

The North is beautiful in any season. In spring it is sugary whiteness of stabbed ice, which is drifting over the ultramarine quiet sea. Hundreds of thousands birds are flying at that time along the Sea of Okhotsk coast to the places of their nesting in the Far North. Our summer attracts attention with its relic plants variety, bird colony on the seashore of many thousands, salmon rivers, bears, which are here in such number like it is in Kamchatka or Alaska.

Leaving Magadan summer is striking in its beauty. The fantastic palette of colors: the tender yellowness of birch, the purple - red leaves of mountain ash, emerald boughs of cedar elfin wood, brightly yellow falling needles of larch combined with the fantastic coastal sunsets and sunrises make people come back to these amazing places again and again.

About Company

DVS-TOUR tourist company during some last years organize and realize ecological, flyfishing, trophy hunting, historical, rafting tours and autoraces.

Since 2004 we also make tourist service for cruise liners on the territory of Magadan region.

Our constant clients are Russian and foreign fishermen and hunters. We invite all the nature lovers, travelers, explorer explorers, fishermen, historians, hunters, naturalists, photographers, teleoperators and journalists to visit North East of Russia!

One of our goals is to promote ecological tourism as a way of providing financial support to such natural preserves.

Tour company "DVS-TOUR" offers you:
fly fishing
sport fishing in rivers or on the open sea
white-water rafting & floating tours with fishing
  trophy hunting tours
scientific expeditions organizing
special tours for bear & bird watchers
marine tours
ethnographical tours
historical tourism
excursion program in Magadan
  one or two day trips in the vicinity of Magadan
individually tailored tours
seminars and scientific conferences organizing.
organizing of transfer and concomitant services in Magadan  
organization of Auto Races.
service of Cruise Liners Cruise
skiing trips
invitation letters for foreign tourists.
We have tours which are designed for beginners as well as for more experienced.

We could change for you already existing tour or develop new one taking into consideration your wishes.

If you are interested in our offer please, contact us and we will be glad to meet you. We are sure that if you have visited us once you would want to visit us again.

Yours faithfully, DVS-TOUR
We invite to cooperate the tourism companies interesed in combined organization of tours in Magadan region.

Comission - 10-15% depending on the tour.

We invite foreign tourism companies for cooperation in the field of individual and group tourism. Your requests can be sent to our e-mail or you can call

+ 7 (4132) 623296 /office/
+ 7 (4132) 623296 /fax/
+7 914 852 82 21 Olga Izotova /manager/
+7 914 862 89 20 Victoria Belger /manager/

Magadan, 685000/ 3, Lenina, of. 368
Tel/fax.:(413-2) 62-32-96/ Теl./fax.:(413-2)62-11-95
E-mail: http://